Adizes Lectures

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Adizes provides unique, powerful and practical concepts and methods that are high-leverage tools for managing any organization. The timeless truths of Adizes fundamentally change how leaders lead; personally and organizationally. The content is need-to-know information for CEOs, Presidents, Board Members, C-level Executives and their direct reports in all private or public organizations in any industry.  It is also highly relevant for the next generation of leaders who aspire to occupy those jobs in the future. 

lifecyclePredicting Your Future Challenges Today
The Adizes Corporate Lifecycle

As organizations grow and age they progress through a series of predictable stages known as the Corporate Lifecycle.  Each stage brings unique challenges.  How well or how poorly leadership addresses the challenges of each stage determines the success or failure of the organization.  Leading successful lifecycle transitions is not easy or obvious.  Methods that produce success in one stage can create failure in the next.  This program helps leaders at all levels understand the 10 stages of the Organization Lifecycle and the unique “normal” and “abnormal” challenges of each stage. They will also learn how to successfully navigate lifecycle transitions in their own organization.

Roles and Styles of Management

In order to achieve a well-managed organization, management must perform four different roles: P-A-E-I. (P)roducing the results for which the organization exists, (A)dministering systems and process for efficiency, (E)ntrepreneuring for  leading innovation and change, and (I)ntegrating so the different parts of the organization work together for long-term accomplishment. These four roles together are sufficient for any organization to be well managed. However, if one or more of the roles is deficient the result is mismanagement, manifested by problems such as falling market share, lower profits, high staff turnover, slow response to changes, etc. In this seminar, we will explore these roles and the resulting predictable styles of management behavior. By understanding and working with these roles and styles we can build better managed organizations.

Mastering Change
Adizes on Organization Transformation and Change Management

In every organization, in every market, in every country of the world, coping with a high rate of change in a complex and uncertain world is leadership’s #1 agenda.  Knowing how to build a flexible adaptable organization is a critical capability for every leader because Darwin was right; “It is not the strongest or the most intelligent of the species who will survive, but those who are the most adaptable.” This program teaches leaders what they need to know to build an organization that is able to manage change faster, better and more economically than their competitors.

Adizes Secrets to Success for Leading any Organization

No matter what type of organization you are leading there is just one factor that determines long term success.  Understanding this factor is critical knowledge for every leader. This talk teaches this secret of success and how to use it to improve the performance of your organization.  This talk is relevant to both professional and personal life.

We also provide talks that are tailored to meet the unique interests of an audience.