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Methods from the Adizes Methodology Adizes Lifecycle Chart
For Managing Accelerated Change 

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Program Agenda

The Adizes Methodology is an approach to management built on the concept that an organization is a social system designed to achieve certain goals. Managing a system necessarily entails managing subsystems, structure, behavior and the energy and inter-connectivity of all of this while in a constantly changing environment. The Adizes Methodololgy offers a tested process proven successful in hundreds of companies around the globe by which companies can manage accelerated change without destructive conflict.

Who should attend:

CEOs, senior managers, company owners, and management consultants will all find this seminar full of unique, practical, and applicable knowledge for managing organizations.

What you will learn:

The strength of an organization lies in its capacity to proactively change in a constantly shifting, largely unpredictable environment. The Adizes Methodology is a proven system of management that aids entrepreneurs and leaders in building sustainable, high performing organizations amid constant uncertainty.

In this workshop, participants will acquire tools for every day problem solving, decision-making and implementation as well as a framework for dissecting and addressing sources of conflict to make them constructive. In doing so, participants will study in detail the cornerstones of the Adizes Methodology, such as:

  • PAEI (managerial roles and styles)
  • capi (Coalesced Authority, Power and Influence)
  • The Lifecycle concept
  • The sources of mutual trust and respect

Additionally, participants will be introduced to the Adizes 11-phase program of organizational transformation. The Adizes Methodology helps you execute faster and more accurately
The methodology’s fundamental principle is that every organization—like any living organism—has a natural lifecycle which demonstrates predictable and repetitive patterns of behaviour as it grows and ages. At each new stage of its development, an organization is presented with a distinct set of challenges which management must address.

How well or poorly these issues are addressed and appropriate changes are made determines the ultimate success or failure of the organization.
Specifically the Adizes Methodology™ allows you to:

  • Transfer accountability for results from the shoulders of a few to be shared by all
  • Better deal with current and predict future challenges and opportunities
  • Align conflicting interests so resistance to change is minimized
  • Implement critical changes with great speed and accuracy
  • Promote a climate of trust and respect where honest, open communication naturally surfaces
  • Limit destructive conflict and instead channel it into a constructive force for positive change
  • Move more quickly and effectively through a company’s stages of development
What you invest:

One day event – not planned:

300 Euros + VAT – includes all materials, lunches and coffee breaks for one day
250 Euros + VAT – if you register one month before event

Two days event – not planned:

550 Euros + VAT – includes all materials, lunches and coffee breaks for 2 days
495 Euros + VAT – if you register one month before event

Facilitated by:

In English – Greg Mathers, Managing director Adizes institute Latvia
In Latvian – Vladimirs Kuzmins, Adizes institute Certified Associate

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