Dr. Ichak Adizes

about adizes

Dr. Adizes is the Founder and CEO of the Adizes Institute, an international consultancy. In 2011, the Adizes Institute was ranked as one of the top ten consulting organizations in the United States by Leadership Excellence Journal.  Dr. Adizes has worked with a wide variety of companies ranging from the Global 100 to middle market companies and startups. He has also consulted to Presidents, Prime Ministers and Cabinet-Level Officers in several countries.

In addition to his work transforming organizations, Dr. Adizes is a highly sought after speaker who consistently receives high acclaim from CEOs, Presidents, and Board Members worldwide for the relevance and value of his compelling talks. Dr. Adizes works and lectures in English, Spanish, Hebrew and Serbian and has spoken to several hundred thousand executives in more than 60 countries over the course of his career.

Dr. Adizes is recognized by those who know his work as one of the world’s top thinkers on leadership and management. His theories and methods are documented in 15 books that have been translated into 24 languages. His book, Corporate Lifecycles: How Organizations Grow and Die and What to Do About It was named one of the Ten Best Business Books by Library Journal.  The Leadership Excellence Journal named Dr. Adizes one of the Top 30 Thought Leaders in the United States.  In recognition of his contributions to management theory and practice, Dr. Adizes has been awarded 15 honorary doctorates from institutions in 10 countries and two honorary citizenships.  He is a Fellow of the International Academy of Management and has been made an honorary citizen of two Eastern European countries. He also received the 2010 Ellis Island Medal of Honor, which is awarded by the National Ethnic Coalition of Organizations Foundation for contributions to humanity.

Prior to starting the Adizes Institute, Dr. Adizes served as a tenured faculty member at UCLA Anderson School of Management, and was a visiting professor at Stanford, Tel Aviv and Hebrew Universities; he also taught at the Columbia University Executive Program. He has served as Dean of the Adizes Graduate School for the Study of Leadership and Change, and is currently an academic advisor to the Graduate School of Management of the Academy of National Economy of the Russian Federation.   Dr. Adizes holds a PHD from Columbia University.  He makes his home in Santa Barbara, California.  In his leisure time he enjoys folk dancing, playing the accordion, and meditation.

About the Adizes Methodology®

Our mission is to change how management is practiced and taught. Since 1971 we have pursued this objective, transforming the world one organization at a time.

We believe there is a better way to manage.  We believe that way is a systematic, highly collaborative, common-sense approach that deeply engages the hearts and minds of employees at all levels, harnesses conflict constructively, and builds a strong and pervasive culture of mutual trust and respect.

The proprietary Adizes Methodology® provides leaders with the tools, resources, and support to develop this kind of management in any organization.

We have learned from over 40 years of experience with clients in 73 countries that range from the Global 100 to middle market companies, start-ups, and governments that the Adizes approach to management builds healthy, high-performing organisations, which achieve sustainable growth.  We help to build organizations that have the capability to successfully tackle any challenge, consistently attract and retain their customers, attract and develop exceptional talent, generate superior financial returns, and become dominant in the markets within which they choose to compete.