Adizes Practitioners Club Mission & Vision

Adizes Practitioners Club brings together a community of organizational and leadership professionals, including entrepreneurs and executives, who share a common desire for change. They are united by a shared management approach, cooperative values, growth aspirations, and a commitment to seeking superior methods of management while fostering continuous individual professional and spiritual development collectively.

Club operational values - Motivated by the desire for improvement, we advocate for conscientious, collaborative, and methodical management. We encourage the transformation of knowledge into practical skills, perpetually enhancing our capabilities.

Club value proposition for members - We facilitate a global and reciprocal exchange of developmental expertise, bringing together the brightest minds in the business world to foster synergy within the business environment. Our aim is to create a think tank dedicated to organizational development and innovation.

Club value proposition for society - advocate for high-performance management without destructive conflicts through continues development and fostering of mutual trust and respect.

Goals of Adizes Practitioners Club

We, management professionals, work together, to achieve following goals in short and long term and to do certain tasks in a period of 2023-2025:

Dissect good business practices down to the molecular level.


  • Organize two multi-day round table events for exchange of experience and development of solutions;
  • Organize three visits to companies that would share their experience in good company management;
  • (In the future perspective) to prepare three “Case studies” on good management practices of companies;
  • (In the future perspective) APC members become/offer a mentor service to a less developed companies.

Establish cooperation with other organizations promoting business development:


  • Collaborate with BEA and BICG;
  • (in the future) BNI, The Red Jackets.

Finding listening ears in a political organization that could help influence the State Administration to improve State Administration processes with best business practices.


  • Involve in executives of state own companies in APC .

Attract more members to the club and distribute better leadership guidelines.


  • Proactively distribute the results achieved in December by communicating values and inviting participation;
  • To achieve participation of 100 companies in club events by 2025.

Adizes Practitioners Club operations in Latvia

The Idea of Adizes Practitioners Club in Latvia started to transform into reality around May 2021, suggested by Artjom Fokejev (COO, Polipaks) and inspired by colleagues of Lithuania Adizes Club and Southeast Europe Adizes Club. Talking about what we really want to achieve and what the experience has been elsewhere, we already held the first remote meeting in June, during which Elvis Kvalbergs (CEO, Burti) shared his Burti experience on PIPs, POCs and Synerteam accounting in platforms like Jira and Confluence (recording available on request) – thanks for being the first!

After a year of monthly meetings Wednesday evenings, we started to observe low participation intensity and other PIPs, so we decided to hold a wider Synerteam in July 2022 to identify problems and find solutions. During this meeting, we decided to create a change management council (PVP or POC) and switch to a 3-hour format for the other members in person, which we successfully implemented again at Elvis in August. In addition, following the demand for international experience and an annual event, the POC came to the decision to abandon the monthly format and replace it with longer events once every six months, which was managed to be organized in the first days of December with very good results.

Adizes Practitioners’ Club in Latvia is managed by its Participative Organizational Council (POC) consisting of seven representatives, of which the implementor is Artjom Fokejev (COO, Polipaks), administrator Barba Zeme (CEO, Excellent Latvia) and integrator is Vladimirs Kuzmins (organizational therapist, Adizes Institute). The Council meets regularly to prioritize PIPs and create implementation working groups, in which other members are also involved, guided by necessity and opportunities.

The primary tool for achieving the club’s goals is the field sessions, held twice a year in June and early December, where throughout the day, members generate ideas, find solutions, and share challenges on current topics in a roundtable format. (World Cafe). The synergy of different goals is achieved when the events start in the afternoons of the previous days, i.e. on Thursdays and continuing in the mornings of the following days, i.e. on Saturdays – thus two evenings are available, during which it is possible to gain informal exchange of experience and strengthen contacts.

Actual communication, exchange of experience and mutual interaction among members, etc. takes place in a WhatsApp community format in streams such as – sharing of success/failure experiences, perceived external threats, leadership questions and business or contact exchange. The responsible moderators and senior experts took care of the maintenance and quality of the appropriate information flows.

Current and historical materials, files, etc. can be found on the intranet of the Adize Practitioners’ Club.

Events of Adizes Practitioners Club

Members of Adizes Practitioners Club

The Adizes Practitioners’ Club in Latvia welcomes businessmen and executive who implement methodological growth, involving management and deliberate changes in their activities and are ready to actively participate in workshops once every six months, as well as share their personal experience in between. I.e. those who fit the values of the club, support the goals and fit into its format.

Value proposition for members – Adizes Practitioners’ Club is a platform for inspiration, examples, methods, ideas, contacts, experience, etc. for its drive of continuous development and improvement.

Admission of new members is decided by the POC of the Adizes Practitioners’ Club, to which you can send direct applications ( or promote recommendations from existing members.