Breakthrough to Prime Overview

Learn more about our Breakthrough to Prime workshop, the stepping stone to learning how to apply the Adizes Methodology.

Has your company outgrown its management practices and systems? Is your company too reliant on you to make operational and strategic decisions? Do you feel that your organization is losing the innovative spirit it used to have?

If any of these issues are what you are experiencing in your company, you need to attend the Adizes Breakthrough to Prime Workshop. The interactive event is the first step towards the introduction of organizational changes to improve the overall management effectiveness of your company.

You will get answers to the following questions by participating in the workshop:

  • What stage of the Corporate Lifecycle is your company in? What problems are normal or abnormal for your company?
  • What is your style of management and how do you assemble a complementary team?
  • What do you need to change in your strategy, structure, accountability and culture to make a transition to the next stage of the Corporate Lifecycle?
  • What are the top priorities and changes you should start working on immediately?

Attendees will leave the workshop with a defined action plan that can be implemented right away.

BTP is need-to-know information for CEOs, Presidents, Board Members, C-level Executives and their direct reports in any private or public organization. It is also highly relevant for the next generation of leaders who aspire to occupy those jobs in the future. The workshop is highly experiential so enrollment is limited to 20.

While some of the content is delivered through lecture, the majority of the learning happens in exercises that allow the participants to apply Adizes to real world challenges they are facing in their own organizations.  We encourage you to bring other members of your management team to get the maximum value out of the workshop.

Managing Your Organization.
Participants learn how to lead their organization through every stage of the organization lifecycle. Participants learn to identify where their own organization is in its lifecycle and the normal, abnormal, or life-threatening challenges they face in each stage, and how to successfully navigate those difficulties.

Managing Your People.
No one is a perfect manager, but it is possible to build a “perfect” complementary management team. Participants explore management style and learn how to improve their ability to build and manage management teams that work well together, do a superior job addressing any challenge, and are the ultimate competitive weapon. Participants learn how to create an environment in which conflict is harnessed constructively to create the energy that drives superior performance.

Managing Your Corporate Culture.
A strong and pervasive corporate culture of mutual trust and mutual respect is what makes any business strong and allows it to become a dominant competitor over the long term. This kind of culture is what underlies the ability to consistently WOW customers, attract and retain exceptional talent, and generate superior financial returns. Participants learn how to build a strong and pervasive culture of mutual trust and mutual respect in their own organization.

Managing Change.
In every organization, in every market, in every country of the world, coping with a high rate of change is leadership’s #1 agenda. Participants learn how to build flexible adaptable organizations that are able to change faster, better and more economically than their competition.

1. Participants will leave BTP with a solid understanding of key Adizes philosophies, concepts and tools.

2. They will have had a chance to apply Adizes to real situations in their own organization, so they leave the workshop energized by their new knowledge about management and their organization and ready to put it to work.

3. Although most of the learning is focused on the organization, participants will learn new things about themselves.

4. Participants will also walk out of BTP with a preliminary game plan and accelerate their own organization’s journey to PRIME; the only stage of the lifecycle where their company can enjoy market leading growth and profitability.


Day 1 – Morning

Managing Your Organization

  • The four roles of management
  • The Organization Lifecycle: how organizations grow, age and die.
  • Causes of Aging
  • Leadership, Goals, Structure and Rewards Over the Lifecycle
  • Accelerating Your Organization’s Path to Prime

Day 1 – Afternoon

Managing People

  • Management and Mismanagement Styles
  • Building Perfect Management Teams
  • Harnessing Differences in Style on Your Team

Day 2 – Morning

Managing Corporate Culture

  • Building a Culture of Mutual Trust & Mutual Respect
  • Harnessing Conflict
  • Defining Your Organization’s Mission
  • Structuring Your Company Property
  • Accountability

Day 2 – Afternoon

Managing Change

  • The Secret of Success for Every Organization
  • Building implementation into Decision Making (Capi)
  • Effective Problem Solving in Teams
  • Accelerating Change

Our Teaching Methodology

  • Lecture plus individual and small team exercises.
  • The majority of the learning happens in exercises that allow the participants to apply Adizes to real world challenges they are facing in their own organizations.

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