“I have been a pragmatic person my whole life and this is the only technology in which I don’t see any major contradictions! I think it’s absolutely feasible, real, and really useful!”

Sergey Nesvetov"C3PK"

“Lots of useful things to highlight. But, in a nutshell, transformation leads to conflict, and conflict is the release of energy; that’s how we should treat it. I liked the explanation that people as a part of conflict are a source energy that we have to deal with accordingly. It was very useful for me.”

Oleg Sipetijco-founder of the food chain

“This is probably the only such complete system offered on the market.”

Sergej RozovCo-owner of a "формула мебели" furniture network

“I have seen the PAEI code a hundred times, but I finally took the test and tested the whole company. It is not possible to dismiss the methodology of Dr. Adizes and his described persons and patterns – I agree with many of them.”

Vjacheslav KimCo-owner of a logistics company

“Thank you for organizing the course and sharing this knowledge. It really helped to systematize what I already knew! For me, the inspiration and what made me think, is the more balanced structure and strategy. What shook me, was the reward structure. It is clear that there are material and non-material rewards, but the way we put it on the shelves, makes you think!”

AndrejGeneral Director of the "Екванта" Group on Alternative Finance and Financial Technologies

“I want to say a big thank you! I haven’t been in such a great training for a long time! I found it very useful for myself and more than worth the time spent!”

Vladimirfounder of the federal network of children's goods

“After the course, I feel like I got the equivalent of two years in business school!
I learned in a very focused way or organizing and structuring an organization. Great! Thank you very much for everything! “

Dmitry SagalajevGeneral director of «Лига Цифровой Экономики»

“I experienced complex management system where everything is interconnected; but so simplified. A very useful system, that can and should be used! I learned how to structure the units and create more effective interactions between them. Each day of the training I had new discoveries. Thank you very much.”

Pavelgeneral director of "Командoр"

“If you need to bring something fresh into your organization, then Adizes is by far the best!”

Karlis DanevicsCRO of SEB Latvia

“The Adizes methodology brought our people to a level of collaborative problem solving I never knew we could reach.”

Rolands Gulbisformer CEO of NP Foods (Now Orkla Foods Latvija)