“One of the most insightful, experienced and compelling educators of our time.”

Stephen CoveyAuthor of The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, USA

“Adizes helped us generate better ideas and a climate where they can be better implemented.”

Tom MonaghanFounder and Past President, Domino’s Pizza, USA

Adizes is one of the truly great innovators of our times. He cuts through pretentious management principles to get to the core of what it takes to bring about effective change in organizations.

Kirby WarrenDean Emeritus, Columbia University School of Business, USA

To remain the market leader in our rapidly growing industry we must continually restructure our company. Adizes is our primary vehicle for managing these internal transformations.

Eli HarariPresident and CEO, SanDisk Corporation, USA

Adizes offers the secret to understanding how to stay ahead of the transitions that organizations make and how to provide the leadership through those transitions to optimum performance.

James C. MorganChairman Emeritus and former CEO, Applied Materials Inc., USA

Find the vision of future, knowing the present, keep focus on business, balance the human and technical aspects in the composition and management of a team, and finally manage for results. This is what Adizes provides us with remarkable depth and simplicity.

Luiz Carlos ZambaldiTechnology Director, Safra Bank Brazil

Adizes has been an invaluable resource and insightful advisor in my efforts to restore entrepreneurial vitality to mature business organizations throughout the world.

Steven MillerFormer Chairman, President and CEO, Shell Oil Company, USA

“Dr. Adizes’ theory of management can be applied beyond business uses; as a political manager I have found it to be particularly useful in my day-to-day work. Kazakhstan has been working closely with the Adizes Institute for a number of years and its methodology has proved to be very useful in our decision making process.”

Karim MassimovPrime Minister of the Republic of Kazakhstan

The Adizes Methodology will provide you with insights about your corporate organization that will make you immeasurably wiser.

William F. FarleyPresident & CEO, Farley Industries, USA

Practical and sensible. Adizes gives all managers an easy-to-apply way to develop the right leadership and strategy tools for their businesses.

Rosabeth Moss KanterAuthor of World Class and The Change Masters, USA