I’ve been using the Adizes method for over 40 years. It has been instrumental in our being able to grow our business during that time from about $50 million per year to over $4 billion. The lessons of balanced management recognizing all the disciplines necessary in every organization, regardless of size, have been a driving force in our success.

– Stewart Resnick, President and CEO, The Wonderful Company

Know the
road ahead

As an organization grows, it will undergo very predictable and repetitive patterns of behaviour. At each new stage of development, you are faced with a new set of unique challenges. Your ability to identify and address these challenges quickly and effectively is a strong predictor of your future success.

Communicate effectively
with your teams

In identical circumstances, each one of us will see a situation differently. We think and respond differently. By understanding your own and your colleague’s management styles, you will be better equipped to work more effectively in a team environment. Take the Management Style Indicator test and learn how to work together more effectively.

Often an organization’s biggest problem,
is an inefficiency in solving its own problems.
Solve this problem, and everything else falls into place.


Our core work is helping our clients accelerate success by applying the principles and practices of Adizes, and in the process build healthy, high-performing, self-managing organizations that have the capability to address any challenge. Attendees leave workshops energized by their new knowledge and ready to apply it to their own organization’s journey to “Prime”.

100% agreement on the issues the company needs to tackle to drive performance and 100% agreement on the game plan for doing so. Participants develop an enhanced awareness of their interdependency and learn how to work better together to harness their differences and tackle complex issues constructively.

In an energized atmosphere of mutual understanding, cooperation, teamwork, and urgency, Adizes works side by side with our clients to systematically implement the plan of attack. Our testimonials demonstrate an ability to accelerate a client’s journey to PRIME, where they can enjoy market leading customer demand, growth, profitability, and financial strength.

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